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The Tower

Charcoal on found frame and sheet 

90x110 cm


Selected recent works

The Tower - 18 months of tumble dryer fluff -

Discarded lives - doll, drum, vacuum, footpath

Etching and Aquatint, 2023

Discarded lives - doll, drum, vacuum, footpath.jpg
Void, 2022


Bronze on Marble, 2022


Selection of small flower studies, spring

Collagraph, block print and hand tint


A Destructive Beauty - Quarry Series .01

 Oil on found board tryptic

40 x 130 cm

A Destructive Beauty - Quarry Series .01
block print collagraph & embossed
New Island - Quarry Series .05 etching & aquatint
All works © Annabel MacIver. All rights reserved

The Emerald Lake - Quarry Series .01i

 Block Print Collagraph with Embossing

45 x 45 cm

Light and Shadow - Quarry Series .02 .jpeg
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