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A Discussion in Colour about how Facts are Distorted by Changes in Emphasis or by Mistruths (Lies) Known or Unknown.

LetterPress, Blockprint, 2024

Mis- and Disinformation and censorship have been a method of disruption for aeons, no more so than today. Having looked into this including the mistranslations of Darwin's Origin of the Species, to the Spanish Civil War, and through to the present day, where it is currently of pandemic proportions and is threatening the Democracies in which many of us live and the freedoms we have.

Trying to give pause and an opportunity for reflection through the analog - using Letterpress, an original form of information dissemination, and colour blockprint to 'colour' the true information.

Ideally this would fill a room, with many iterations some true using multiples from originals and others fake copies - but this exhibit is the largest yet, shown in the recent group exhibition In Translation with colleagues from the RCA at the Handbag Factory, May 2024

Void, 2022


Bronze on Marble, 2022

A Destructive Beauty - Quarry Series .01

 Oil on found board tryptic

40 x 130 cm

A Destructive Beauty - Quarry Series .01
block print collagraph & embossed
New Island - Quarry Series .05 etching & aquatint
All works © Annabel MacIver. All rights reserved

The Emerald Lake - Quarry Series .01i

 Block Print Collagraph with Embossing

45 x 45 cm

Light and Shadow - Quarry Series .02 .jpeg
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