Bird was found in the depths of an unused fireplace. Bird died, unknown, unheard, until found many years later, desiccated, featherless. This inspired words and poetry, and from these, images and forms. I am investigating Bird, making a memory of Bird as is and as was. The process continues, is unfinished, has just started. I use many mediums to try to get to the essence of bird. I wait to see where it ends.

The sum of these parts forms an installation, with each piece a small fragment of this life, this memory or this legacy.

Only a small selection of work is shown here.

What made you fall? (oil on canvas) 2018
I felt (etching) 2018
Bird in the Dark (mezzotint), 2018
Bird is. (oil on found floorboard) 2018
Call (oil on found floorboard) 2018
A memory that never was, begins
Bird, artist book, collection of original etchings, 2018

Bird in the dark, Mezzotint, 2018

A memory that never was, begins, 

porcelain and iron, 2018

Bird, a legacy 

collection of original etchings and mezzotints,  and poetry 2018

What made you fall? 

oil on canvas, 2018

Here you settled

oil on canvas, 2018

Bird is.

oil on found floorboard, 2018

'I felt'

Etching, 2018


oil on found floorboard, 2018

The Cry
Taken from the skies

Trapped Within

Posterpaint, ink on paper, 2018

Taken from the skies

porcelain, wire, found slate, 2018

Poem No. 1, Twisting (etching), 2018
Here you settled (oil on canvas) 2018

 Poem No.1 

Japanese paper, 2018


etching, 2018, part of Bird

Beauty in the life that was

Porcelain, wire, sand from the kiln, 2018

Beauty in the life that was

The Colours of song are now gone

oil on canvas, 2018

The colours of song are now gone


plaster, wire, scrim, acrylic, 2018

 The words see

Ceramic, 2018

All works © Annabel MacIver. All rights reserved